A small natural environment, largely inspired by the GDC Demo Map first featured in the April beta of UDK. All models and textures, except for the skybox, had been made by me. Highpoly models have been sculpted in Mudbox while the foliage has been modelled in 3ds Max. Trees were modelled in the demo version of SpeedTree due to strong UDK integration. Foliage shaders were heavily inspired by the ones included in the GDC demo map and water shader was based on the work of Chris Albeluhn.

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Here are some of the props used in this environment. The rocks are abouk 1k tris each, the fallen tree is 0.7k. Trees are around 3-4k each and the tri-count of foliage varies from 140 tris to 800 tris:


Here are some of the textures I created for this scene: